Am You

 Am You

 i am the Eyes behind your Eyes

the third, the left, the right

watching over your ‘every – every

i am the Ears within your Ears

listening out for your secured safety

fixed on love’s perfume

i am the Smell of aromatic freshness

secreting out your whole bodied soul-Being

i am your lisping Tongue

of love vanes from your inner hive

i am the Hands under your Hands

massaging life’s hot buttered-oil energy of Reiki life link

i am the Feet over your Feet

guiding towards open doors

along purpose-path byway of love.

Love said back to Love:

i am the Feet and Hands

i am Speak-easy silent to U

i am drifting Smell Aroma

i am Ears within Ears

i am Eye third of your Universe

I Am – I Am You – U are Me – We Are Love


Zack  2010