Never Had A McDonalds

The STORYTELLING becomes; an ignited suggestion to freedom through the healing of the Story.  My story, carved forth out of my life, is;  “I’ve Never Had A McDonald’s”.   It starts in segregated Alabama Southern South, early 1960’s, when fast foods was on the rise and we as Blacks were not allowed to purchase; not even by going in the drive-thru. There, it takes off in talking about how Black and White children found a way to relate and get together anyway; in the face of ugly Jim Crow.  Included is my revolutionizing moment when my father came into church service and informed me about:  the 1961 bombing of the Freedom Riders Greyhound-Trailways Bus in my hometown and the death of Malcolm X 1963.  The story continues with ways Black people maneuver and sustained themselves through their pride and deep continuity; by elevating above the scene.  This is depicted in many funny yet meaningful ways; such as discovering how to make better ‘ham and cheese burgers’ at home then any  fast food ever had and thereby healthier.  This brings me to the place early in my life to live and work in a wholesome and sustainable way, becoming a vegetarian, connecting the plight of other and all people the world over to our situation here in America.  Ending with the need to dialogue with problem solving around today’s issues.

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