Lecture Series

Zack has compiled a series of lectures for:

>>>College students, professional development, corporations, and organizations<<<

Lecture series #1: The Proper Teaching of Black American History

--"History is a story, any kind of story....

"I think that Black history- and history period-  has been taught incorrectly in this country.. it is a matter of dates and stories without any true connection to the earth, Her People and Purpose.   So I purpose to reorder the teaching of history, Black history, to deal with the background of all the people... to bring it out of the realm of individuals who were in government, or won a conflict, or invented something... and bring it into the realm of All people,  the culture, the background , the continual progress; in spite of..........   To show how profound  Black Americans as a whole, have been with creating and establishing American history in this country, and vital part of  establishing America itself; which is not always 'let on' and taught.  The way we are taught is this 'choppy' existence- from how slaves were freed, and choosing specific people instead of talking about the greatness of a whole people who were kidnapped, raped and displaced from their continent and brought to another..raped of their culture…..but look at us now in the 'real'; outside the so-called statistical data.

Those same people who turned around and made it into every aspect of American life, making unconventional accomplishments as a people, and a culture.  This is why the Civil Rights Movement was called;  a 'Movement'.  It became a necessary Movement, it Moved Us:  A People,  A Nation, the world; not just individuals..." ˜Zack, 2014

Lecture Series #2: Rites and Rituals and Rights

Zack takes young people on an inner-outer journey into rites of passage including the very important issues of sexuality and responsibility in and to ourselves, each other, our families-communities and the world at large.  He introduces the idea that through societal and indoctrinated restraints, we have downplayed the role of many new innovations and important cultural developments, because of our lack of sacred rites and rituals to help foster in important societal/cultural enhancements.

Lecture Series #3: Diversity of Sameness Workshop

Traditional diversity training tends to focus on information that divides rather than uniting.  Zack's life and training, rather focuses on sameness;  highlighting the similarities we all share as a people, over our differences.

" It is impossible to deal with different folk than to deal without dealing with the self, being aware of our selves—and our own folk.  This workshop teaches learning ones own self and history, gaining respect of our own histories in order to gain the respect of others.  Respect is respect, without I." 

This workshop focuses on healing of cultures through diving into our personal histories, relating the fact that all cultures have struggled through history— and oppression has continued because of a lack of healing from our past.

"What I would like to do is take people to a time before Westernized Christianity, the Roman Empire, and the Golden Age of Greece; to the time without those influences, to a purer form of culture, truer selves-- 

If we blame each other, we can’t move forward."

 ˜Zack, 2014


Zack has appeared at the following Institutions:  (partial list)



Brandon Hall School, Atlanta

Stone Mountain School, Asheville

Morehouse-Spellman Colleges

Dragonfly Transitions, Oregon

Evergreen Charter School, Asheville

White Owl-Earthaven Eco Village, Asheville

Random Row Books, Charlottesville, Va

Atlanta Public Schools

Unity Church, Asheville

Youth Seminar Sheraton Hotel, Atlanta

Coffee House and Speakeasy, Detroit

Knoxville Botanical Gardens, Knoxville, Tenn.

Georgia Tech

Emory University

Georgia State University

Diana Wortham Theater, Asheville

Black Arts Center, Atlanta

Bridges Boys Academy, Oregon

Cedar Ridge Academy, Utah

Clark Atlanta University

Interdenominational Theological Center, Atlanta

4-H Campgrounds, Asheville

Asheville City Schools



Pastor:  Truth In Christ Church, Athens Ga. 1985-92

Scottish Rite Temple, Asheville

Battery Park, Rooftop Atrium, Asheville

Firestrom Cafe, Asheville

Wall Street Cafe, Asheville

Pack Square, Asheville

Temple of Faith COGIC, Atlanta

Sunnyside Temple, Sunnyside Tx.

Apostolic faith Church, Houston

Gaines Chapel, Anniston

Mount Olive Baptist, Anniston

Apostolic Faith Churches in twelve states

Hilton Hotel, Church Convention, Atlanta