Educational Consulting

Educational Consulting

“True Education starts from home, in the womb and is inclusive over the first seven years– the parents, family, community, school and nature itself.. and the World at Large”.

˜ Zack, 2012

Zack serves as a Professional guide for parents of “Special Needs Children, “Troubled Teens”, and in areas of ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia and Substance Abuse.  As a professional educational planner for youth after high school, he has strived diligently to build workable profiles and portfolios for high-achieving youth and aspiring college-bound youth. He also serves college graduates looking to extend their education beyond a four year degree.

He has continuously worked in the area of Educational Consulting independently since the 1970’s, both with the NAACP and Historical Black Colleges.  Over the years, he has toured and visited hundreds of schools and college campuses; including boarding, private, church schools and therapeutic boarding schools and RTC’s.

His philosophy promotes the Three P’s:  Play.  Purpose.  Path.

The Formula from Zero through Life:

  • Play Stage:  Age Zero – seven;  The Play Years:  the extended Formative Years to Health
  • Purpose Stage:  Seven – Twenty one;  Formation of Purpose, Explore. Seeker Stage to Meaning, Initiations-Rituals, Ceremonies-Rite Proper, Age of Connections Upon Myths, Heritage, Inner Self.
  • Path Stage:  Late Teens-Twenty One Into The Life Cycle;  The Well Defined Path, A Going Forth Into Life As Still and Becoming the ‘Know-er’;

Combining and promoting the Individual’s Ownership of All Three P’s..