I Bow to My Body

I Bow To My Body

i bowed to my body, yesterday; when i was four-five

taking baths in the tin tub, before we had indoor

my bow was in-sensed by my recognizing body parts familiar;

hands, feet, eyes, toes, elbows

mouth, my hanging angle towards left.

i bowed to my body and my body bowed back to me

then i was teased names;  four eyed, knock-kneed, tall-skinny lanky-back on back

can U understand what i’m saying?

through all this, i been keeping on bowing to my body

loving the shades of black, brown char-coal blue.

and Body bowed back to me

as far as i can remember,

me and Body been coming into ourselves together

one on one, two by two

combined in a spiritual mix of violet hue.

and i bowed to my body

i first discovered sexual rising, guess Who?

Me and Body, mind, Spirit True

consciousness born in a mental hive of appreciation on Self

tapping back into energies re-known past caps of grace

caps for my head and private place

open to sacred body-ties’.

mind U:  It’s been me and body all the way

bowing both in perfect time.

Oh Body Me, I have no qualms with Thee!

Bow Love

Zack 2013


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