My Proclamation

i was right here, 34 weep day

u went around the world

over bladed mountain ridges and across seas

seeking to find ‘me’ and I was right here

right there at u

and u never seem to even recognize my presence


u went into foreign lands; temples, samarth, monasteries  too

met and sit with the gurus, monks and  shamans.

to edge out what had already being put into u

gloried on what I had already taught u

but gave all credit elsewhere

and the truth layered within u.


i say, i say;  u had it from the womb

even before conception

and like I told u

I was right here with u

all the time


I had already;  the yoga moves u had from Tibet

the tai chi – reiki on the ships brought from Africa

yes, and don’t forget India,

the european  crusade cross formations of a thousand years

u still chasing green ‘bills’, it seems

I was right here all the time

I been tucked away inside u

u never bother to come down my aisle

my eyes grew big every time u came near

then in a fleeting moment; u gone off to another thrill


sometimes u cover my month, my eyes and even my heart

constantly stepping in front of yourself

blocking your own healing path

I would have supplied your needs freely, in joy

yet u paid the price of rubies for what we already had


I wept on forgotten avenue

on the 34th day

weeping on forgotten avenue

on day thirty four




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