love came along one day
just started walking with ‘Opinion’
Opinion; that was his name he thought,
because full of ‘opp-ping-nothin’ all his life
Opinion feeling like he never been Heard

but Love said; ‘U more than ‘Opinion’ OPINION
It is your ‘Know’ that U KNOW more than MERE opinion.

Then, Opinion started spitting-shitting out all these
dat-blasted opinions to Love:
poison flyers on butterflies
weighted down upon Opinion.

opinions dropping Opinion like Fleas-Flies
opinions dropping like Flies.

Then Love O-pen-ly resounded;
“opinion”? your ass OR mine?”
“get out your ass and mine too”!

“Get in the KnoW World, Baby!
Join with KnowerS of TrutH”.

Zack 2011

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